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How should i prepare my song for you ?

Just keep any Limiters off your Stereo Output & Leave us some Headroom.

What if i dont like the way my master sounds ?

At Dubstep Mastering we want you to be happy, If changes are needed we will gladly make them.

I need some advice on my mix, Im not sure it sounds right ?

Send It To us and we will give you an honest opinion & tell you if its ready to be mastered or not.

What type of file’s do you accept ?

We will take anything you got , but we like WAV files best.

How long will you take ?

We generally get single song’s mastered within 1 – 2 Business days.Album’s are normally 2 – 3 Business days.

Ive been telling lots of people about you , What’s in it for me ?

Every time you refer somebody to DubStep Mastering we master a song for you Free.

Im a loyal customer, do i get any special treatment ?

Yes you do, once you have paid for 10 Masters you get a 20% discount on future orders.

Why should i use Dubstep Mastering ?

We have a strong passion for music and sound and have been doing this for a long time.Our reputation means everything to us and our priority is making sure you are happy.We have mastered over 500 Digital release’s in the last few years as well as many records that have made there way onto the Radio.In other words we know how to make your music sound great.Still not sure, then have a look at our feedback.

Do you only do mastering for Dubstep ?

No we do all kinds of Electronic Music, Including Hip Hop, Dance Music & Reggae among others,But as a large number of our clients are requesting this genre we decided to make a dedicated website.But you can send us anything you want.

The answer to my question isn’t here ?

No problems, If there is Anything you need to ask us hit the contact button below.

Ive paid for mastering, where do i send my song ?

You can send us a Link to your song in the contact form below.

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Limiters & compression.

Always take off any limiters or compression that you have on your master fader before you bounce your mixes.Small amounts of compression for a musical effect are ok if this is part of your sound.

Keep all your faders from hitting 0db.

If you are not sure just turn all your faders down by 4 or 5 db.The more room and dynamics we have to work with the better your finished master will be.If you need it louder turn up your volume.

Go easy on the bass.

Its very easy for us to add bass and increase the bottom end of your song, but its much harder to take it away without losing some of the punch and feel from the kik and drums.

MP3 & WAV Files

Yes we can master mp3’s, we can master anything you send us, but if we had a choice we would rather not.As soon as you bounce your song to an mp3 you are losing dynamic's and depth.On top of this your bit rate is redued and all kind of un-pleasant side effect's are added.Always whenever possible bounce your mix to a wav or aiff file. If you are a DJ using Abelton, Tracktor or CDJ’s you should always use wav's first, only use the mp3 as a last resort.This is the worst format you can use for a club or large p.a.system.